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Sometimes an existing company realizes they have reached the limitations of their brand, especially when they set out to compete in a larger market. Standing out from the crowd has become increasingly important for microbreweries and Mountain Town Brewing Company (MTBC) was no exception. When the owner, Jim Holton, decided that he wanted to scale his brand from out of his hometown brewery and onto the shelves of retail stores, he realized his company identity & packaging were in need of a serious overhaul.

Since packaging may be the first and only encounter a potential customer has with a brewery, the beer must have “stopping power”. Though it is essential to keep the tone, message, and theme consistent across the entire product line for viewer recognition, it’s the vibrant vector-based illustrations combined with contrasting elements which allow for the individual beers to jump out from the herd and into the consumers hands.

Recognized as one of The Best Food and Beverage Packaging Designs by DesignRush.

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Packaging design for Train Wreck Amber Ale6 pack panel design for Train Wreck Amber Ale

Approach with caution!

Don’t let the smooth taste of this bully fool you!  This ale will kick your ass and call to remind you about it later...that’s just mean!

Brewed to keep you warm in the winter months, but easily enjoyable any time of the year. Do yourself a favor, make sure you get plenty to eat before drinking or you might find out how this beer got its name!

Graphic element for Train Wreck Amber Ale
Packaging design for Gamblers Golden Ale6 pack panel design for Gamblers Golden Ale

Lady Luck

Some say she’s a fickle mistress. Others believe that when she is by your side, life is smooth with a golden tint. We say our Gamblers Golden Ale has a similar effect.

If you’re craving a light refreshing pale ale that goes down easy, don’t be shy and roll the dice with Gamblers Golden Ale. We promise she won’t bite.

Graphic element for Gamblers Golden Ale
Package design for Coal Stokers Blackberry Ale6 pack design for Coal Stokers Blackberry Ale

Fire, Brimstone & Blackberries

Forged from the fiery black smoke of our own Steam Engine Stout, then tempered with delicious blackberry juice, we present you an unholy matrimony of beauty and beast. Great with a dessert or easily enjoyable on it’s own, throw caution to the wind and take a walk on the dark side with Coal Stokers Blackberry Ale.

Graphic element for Coal Stokers Blackberry Ale
Packaging design for Iron Horse IPA6 pack panel design for Iron Horse IPA

Hops & Luck

Getty-up hop heads! Made with a secret ingredient, this well balanced brew has  great hop aroma and the perfect amount of hop flavor without too much of a bitter kick. Alone or paired with spicy foods like buffalo wings or jerk chicken, mexican or szechwan, this bucking bronco will keep you in the saddle asking for more. As for the ingredient? We’ll just call it “Luck” for now.

Graphic element for Iron Horse IPA
Packaging design for Oktoberfest Lager6 pack panel design for Oktoberfest Lager

Autumn is near, where’s my bier?

Amber lager with mild hop, sweetly down my throat will drop. Time to raise your stein, toast your kin, it’s Oktoberfest, let there be no end!

Graphic element for Oktoberfest Lager
Packaging design for River Bend Bock Lager6 pack panel design for River Bend Bock Lager

Wash down those winter blues

Springtime is finally in the air and so is River Bend Bock Lager. Patiently fermenting throughout five long winter months, this robust bock trickles in a strong malt backbone with roasted overtones that cascades into a clean finish.

So pack away those snow pants for another year and wash away the winter blues with the refreshing taste of River Bend Bock!

Graphic element for River Bend Bock Lager
Packaging design for Peach Gruit Ale6 pack panel design for Peach Gruit Ale

A Tale of Ale

Nothing medieval about this ale except the brewing method. No hops here, just a sweet melody of peach & apricot juice infused with herbal tones for a crisp refreshing taste.

Graphic element for Peach Gruit Ale
Packaging design for Steam Engine Stout6 pack panel design for Steam Engine Stout

Right side of the tracks

If you like a spicy or bitter after taste, then you should go further down the tracks because this ain’t the brew for you. This rich tasting stout rolls in the flavor with smooth chocolate & coffee undertones. Be careful though, we can’t promise that this new found wealth in taste won’t go to your head.

Graphic element for Steam Engine Stout
Packaging design for Railyard Raspberry Wheat Ale6 pack panel design for Railyard Raspberry Wheat Ale

Fruity but Rugged

Congratulations! Despite the ridicule you’ll probably get from family & friends for picking up a pink 6-pack, you were man enough to buy it anyways. Though this beer is slightly fruity, it’s not a raspberry cooler but rather made with real raspberry juice so that it doesn’t over power the rugged wheat maltiness. So when your fellow comrades ask if your underwear match, you can proudly raise a bottle and say, “what underwear?”

Graphic element for Railyard Raspberry Wheat Ale


Jim Holton - Mt. Pleasant, MI

Carton Manufacturing
Wynalda Packaging - Belmont, MI

Label Printing
Mossberg & Company - Southbend, IN 

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