Mar - Aug 2014

High and Tight

Football Training Product



Three seconds. That’s the amount of time an exhibitor has to catch the eye of an attendee at a trade show. Attracting the attention of a passerby is paramount to a business’s success. Banner stands and leave-behinds, such asbrochures, are essential to delivering a successful brand-driven experience. The effectiveness of these marketing materials dramatically impacts an exhibitor’s revenue.

Hight and Tight developed a training aid that utilizes state-of-the-art pressure sensing technology to provide running backs and receivers auditory feedback when holding the football correctly to ensure they fumble less and win more. The use of eye-popping graphics, bold color schemes along with clean layouts and simple messaging, ensured Hight and Tight’s product was not ignored.

Trade show banner design for football training product
Closeup of graphic on High and Tight Trade show banner
High and Tight logo design on football
Brochure for High and Tight football training product
closeup of open view for Hight and Tight brochure
Football icon for Hight and Tight


Tom Creguer - Mt. Pleasant, MI

Tradeshow Banners & Printing
E & S Graphics - Ithaca, MI

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